Agendas For Slack

Agendas was a Slack app made by my Aspen Micro partner and me. We both had experiences collaborating on projects that we felt could be streamlined: both for efficiency in meetings and to minimize distractions. Agendas works on the simple principle that you already are organized into logical groups in Slack. By putting a shared scratch pad in every channel and conversation, users could asynchronously add new topics and review existing topics.

Agendas was in the Slack App Directory for a few months. Despite being featured for most of that time, we had trouble converting users to paid plans.

Agendas was written in Rust and it was the first project I’ve used Rust on. I really enjoyed the safety net that Rust provided when it came to refactoring. When using other languages, I greatly miss compile-time checks of non-exhaustive switch statements, enums with data, and destructuring structs with if lets.